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Welcome to Vadobag Europe B.V. We are happy to introduce you to our company and what products and/or services Vadobag can offer you. Such as beautiful bag collections, extensive private label opportunities and a portfolio with the most popular licences and exclusive brands.



With a dedicated team of designers and stylists, we make sure the bags and backpacks in your shops and webshop meet your customers' wishes precisely. With a wide range which is continuously on-trend, we manage to surprise you time after time. Always directly and quickly available from our own warehouse. This is the way we bring your collection to life. We do this with just as much love for local shop owners and online partners as we do for multi-store retailers.

Interested? Please read on to find out more about Vadobag Europe or contact us via;+31 13 594 2336 or salessupport@vadobag.nl.


Specialized in the design and production of bags & backpacks

Providing excellent service for our customers

A reliable partner with attention to detail

Most popular licence, exclusive brands and extensive private label opportunities

Full-service supplier with dedicated in-house stylists and designers



With more than 130 years of experience Vadobag is a well-known, family owned company with a great history. Starting out as a local tannery & producing our first bags in 1887. Now supplying bags & backpacks to an extensive network of retail partners in the Benelux region and beyond.

Our company

Based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. With an in-house design studio, dedicated sampling and production facilities in China and our own warehouse in the Netherlands, we have everything in control.


We know how to turn bags, backpacks and accessories into absolute must-haves for children, young adults and parents. We use that knowledge for our own brands, but also for licences and private labels. In addition to our own brands such as Kidzroom, Milky Kiss and Skooter, we develop complete collections in partnership with licensors and large retailers.



Quality & Social Compliance

We guarantee quality and safety by continuously investing in them. All our products meet the required business standards and we work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure social compliance. Quality is guaranteed, all our factories are BSCI and Disney approved.



Buying and Sourcing

Experienced department with a proven track record. Developing samples in-house in our own sample factory based in Asia, providing a fast-track approach that is vital to our customers. Able to adapt swiftly when confronted with challenges during the buying and sourcing process.



Environmental Friendly

There is also an important sustainable ambition in our own backpack. As a fifth-generation family business, we want to make the world a more beautiful place. Weare currently largely self-sufficient in our electricity needs and have made the first collections from recycled plastic and environmentally friendly coatings. Let's make the world more awesome. 


Vadobag X Waste2Wear

It’s in the DNA of Vadobag to innovate and seize new opportunities. With our commitment to preserving the future for our kids, we feel a strong bond with Waste2Wear as our material partner by creating innovative textiles made from recycled plastics for our children backpacks.

The Kidzroom Attitude, Lucky me and Magic tales collection, as well as the Minnie and Mickey Mouse My Own Way, One and Only and Really Great collection, in collaboration with Waste2Wear, show that circular materials go together beautifully in a transparent and circular way. The bags are light, on-trend and practical on the go must-haves. For each new bag, Vadobag now recycles 5 to 11 plastic waste bottles. With the use of Waste2Wear® fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of using virgin polyester, we need 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water.

We show the complete savings of our collaboration in the official Waste2Wear® Environmental Impact Certification for Vadobag:


We are an experienced and trustworthy supplier for our Retail partners, we do everything in our power to increase your sales success. Our distribution is distributed among the well-known chains and an extensive network of local, independent retailers. Providing our customers with personal service and an attention to detail. Able to service quickly and accurately through our online B2B portal, carefully managed stock items and in-house logistics.


Why us?

  • Creative in translate licences into products
  • Strong in designing every detail of our products
  • Our portfolio consists out of the most relevant licences
  • A family business with personal service, know-how and trust
  • We serve a tight-knit network of independent and multinational retailers
  • We offer a wide range that is continuously on-trend
  • Participation in international trade fairs and events
  • Complies with all standards and rules


Trade fairs & contact

Find us at Europe's most relevant trade shows like:


Would you like to have more information about the exhibitions, the Vadobag products or the new collections? Then visit our stand or contact us directly. Our sales support team is happy to assist you and are available via +31 13 594 2336 or salessupport@vadobag.nl.


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