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Mission, vision and core values

The identity of Vadobag

Vadobag is a strong brand internationally. In order to continue to grow in the coming years, we must look ahead and respond to new developments. We are changing in a rapidly changing world. This means that we take into account the wishes of the customer and consumer and adapt our products to this as well as possible.

Vadobag is a fast-growing company with a clear goal, which in short is as follows:

  • To fulfil the complete product market experience in bags & accessories
  • To offer bags & accessories according to the latest trends
  • To create value for our customers, supported by 5 generations of knowledge

Our vision describes what we need to do to achieve sustainable growth:

  • Product: a diverse and wide range of lifestyle products that meet the needs of customers and consumers.
  • Planet: making a difference by doing business in a socially responsible and sustainable way and by building sustainable products.
  • Personnel: to create a pleasant and safe working environment and content where people are inspired to bring out the best in themselves and where the focus is on growth and development. 
  • Partners: a strong and successful network of suppliers, customers, and partners to continuously create added value together.
  • Processes: investing in an effective, professional, and flexible organization that can respond quickly to new developments.
  • Profit: profitable growth and attention to long-term sustainability and development need not be mutually exclusive. By constantly seeking new methods, strategies, and ways of working, we maximize our operation.


Our core values

Our vision has been translated into four core values. These are central to the way we work and guide our dealings with employees, partners, and suppliers. Who we are and what we do is reflected in our brand. The core values determine what suits Vadobag and what does not. We have found that our core values are a powerful tool to inspire and keep us focused. In everything we do, we are guided by the following core values:


Our company is progressive. We work with our customers and partners in a decisive and sustainable manner. In order to achieve solutions that lead to the highest achievable result.

With pleasure, we succeed better in what we want to achieve. We do our work with enthusiasm, which gives us perseverance and creates connections that last. Fun is a form of intrinsic motivation, that leads to taking responsibility and own initiative.

Every customer is unique and requires a customized approach. Vadobag strives for lasting relationships.  We value personal contact, and clear communication with short lines of communication, and strive for high quality.

With our products and way of distribution, we distinguish ourselves from the market.



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Customer service
Transparency and good information about our products are central to our story so that you as a customer have enough information to make choices. We support our customers with comprehensive customer service and give honest advice. As a customer, you are always at the centre of Vadobag, and we challenge ourselves daily to further optimize our customer service.


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