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You probably already know that recycled products are the more sustainable choice. The products at Vadobag with the Eco-Friendly or Waste2Wear label are made with extra care for the planet. These articles are made of recycled PET material, also known as rPET.


What is recycled polyester (rPET)?

rPET is recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, a material that is often used to replace virgin PET. For example, most bottles are made of PET. The process is as follows: pieces of polyester are made into 'balls', from which small pellets are made. The pellets are broken down into polymers, which are made into 'polyester chips'. These can then be melted and woven into fibres and thread to make new polyester fabric. In this way, we use plastic bottles as a circular product and there are up to 15 PET bottles in one bag.


So the big advantage of using recycled polyester is in the production process. Compared to virgin PET, rPET is much more sustainable and resource-saving in its production. This is mainly because much less oil has to be processed into polymers. Moreover, rPET can be recycled without loss of raw materials and also causes fewer emissions in the recycling process. A win-win situation!


Shop backpacks made from recycled polyester here!



Waste2Wear: our sustainable partner

Waste2Wear started investigating the use of polyester from recycled plastic in 2000 and has been producing high-quality rPET products since 2008. The experience and knowledge of working with a source material that is very different from unused polyester enables the team to supply different textile qualities.


Waste2Wear has been a pioneer in implementing blockchain verification in the production chain. This guarantees the authenticity of rPET material in our products, for example, and reduces the risk of subcontracting. The QR code on the labels gives every user insight into where the material comes from and further information about Waste2Wear.


See all of our products in cooperation with rPET from Waste2Wear here


Waste2Wear believes in a circular future:

We believe that the future is circular, and many industries will continue shifting towards circular production and materials. But trust is essential to reach this. Our goal is to create trust between the recycling stakeholders, purchasers and end consumers by creating innovative tools that generate reliable and verifiable data to support these efforts creating transparency and traceability. We do this with both our RA-3 test and our blockchain technology.”





VIDEO: Find out why Vadobag's rPET products are better for the environment and why we make them


Procuring sustainable raw materials for sustainable collections

Our purchasing department is an experienced department with a proven track record for sourcing the best sustainable materials for our products. Samples are developed in our own sample factory in Asia so that we can always take a fast approach that is important for our customers. We are able to adapt flexibly and quickly during the buying and sourcing process.


Quality & Labelling

  • Quality & Social Compliance

We guarantee quality and safety by investing in them continuously. All our products meet the required corporate standards and we work closely with our production partners on social compliance. Quality is guaranteed, all our factories are BSCI and Disney approved.


  • Sustainable business

In our own backpack there is also an important sustainable ambition. As a fifth-generation family business, we want to make the world a little more beautiful. We are now largely self-sufficient in electricity and have made our first collections out of recycled plastic and environmentally friendly coatings. Let's make the world more awesome!


  • Vadobag X Waste2Wear

It is in Vadobag's DNA to innovate and seize new opportunities. With our commitment to securing the future for our children, we feel a strong connection with our material partner Waste2Wear. Together, we create children's backpacks from innovative textiles made from recycled polyester.

Several collections of the Kidzroom brand, as well as the Minnie and Mickey Mouse My Own Way, One and Only and Really Great collection, have been produced with Waste2Wear material and show that circular materials go together beautifully in a transparent and circular way. For every new bag Vadobag now recycles 5 to 11 plastic waste bottles. By using Waste2Wear® fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of virgin polyester, we use 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water.


We show the full savings of our collaboration in the official Waste2Wear® environmental impact certification for Vadobag:


Buy sustainable backpacks and bags?

Good idea! Contribute to a cleaner environment with your product range. Our webshop has a separate sustainability page where you can find all Eco-friendly and Waste2Wear products. You can recognise the items in our shop by the Waste2Wear or Eco-friendly label. Be inspired by the sustainable backpacks of Kidzroom, Disney's Mickey and Minne Mouse, Discovery and Miffy!


If you have any questions about Vadobag's products or services, please contact us via the contact form. Our account managers will be happy to help you via e-mail salessupport@vadobag.nl or telephone (+31) 013 594 2336.


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